Italy-based, Nexo Digital is a leading player in production distribution and international sales of cinematic history, art, human stories documentaries, 4k native contents which redefine the standards of portraying Art and narrating History and pop Icons, giving an immersive and unprecedented viewing experience.
We exploit title rights in all territories: TheatricalVideoTV, and Digital Rights – millions of tickets sold in cinemas in over 60 territories to date.
Our catalogue also includes Disabilities and Inclusion, Sport, Expedition one-offs specials as well as mini series on Ancient Egypt. Since 2017, Nexo Digital has also been producing cinematic documentaries with important partners like The HermitageThe PradoThe Vatican MuseumsThe Uffizi Gallery – prestigious museums, important exhibitions – stories narrated by Oscar winners such as Jeremy Irons and Helen Mirren.
Together with history and art documentaries, our line-up includes music, adventures, sport&legends, human stories. We’re ready to sell the brand new documentaries such as Napoleon featuring Jeremy Irons | Tutankhamun. The last exhibition narrated by Iggy Pop | Pompeii. Sin city featuring Isabella Rossellini | Paolo Conte. Via con me (It’s wonderful) | Maverick Modigliani | Raphael. The young Prodigy | Secret Impressionists | Don’t be afraid if I hug You – from history to art from music to adventures from Ancient Egypt to human stories.

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